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Social Media - The Face Of Veganism?

Most of the people reading this post are part of at least one of the mainstream social media platforms. This is something that started in the 00’s but has taken off to another level since smartphones have hit our hands. The future came and all of a sudden, we could be on social platforms such as Facebook at work, school, nights out and holidays. We could document our lives at every moment if we truly wanted to, a lot of people did and still do.


I remember getting home from school in 2005/2006 and getting straight onto msn and myspace. It was great way to communicate with others, promote or listen to music and share pictures. Now in 2019 we don’t have to wait and we haven’t for a number of years. We just reach into our pocket, unlock our phone and we can be connected to millions of people from across the world through apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Whatsapp, TikTok and Twitter as well as the less mainstream apps.


We have access and insights to people that we have never even met, to people like me and you. We get to build a perception of that person’s life through the rectangle window which is our smartphone. This is still new and has led to a lot of movements and trends really kicking off.


One of the biggest and fastest growing movements is veganism. Whether you are doing for the gram, doing for health, doing it for ethical or environmental reasons this movement has really exploded over the last few years and it’s no coincidence. Whether you view this as a positive thing or a negative thing it is up for you to decide but here at XECO Clothing we support this movement 100%.


As a vegan and former vegetarian of over 10 years watching the rise of veganism has been really interesting. I personally converted to veganism from vegetarianism over 3years ago and never looked back. I have always been into the ethical side of both movements and have never looked back since turning vegan. Even in the space of 3 years I have noticed how much this movement has really grown from a small niche to the real deal.


At one point in time vegans where a small community of people often on the fringes of society. Often neglected by the mainstream and painted as hippies. Now we have big name artists and celebrities that follow plant based vegan diets and support the ethics of the movement. Social media combined with influencers and normal people have given veganism a social facelift. You could argue now that its even “cool” to be vegan as oppose to being “weird”.


For a lot of people its something they are proud of and is the first thing mentioned on the social media profile. When I went vegetarian back in January 2009 I was mocked regularly for my beliefs and diet. Taunted by meat eaters time after time hearing the same regurgitated jokes over and over again. It got real boring having to justify something that was a positive change and one that I wish I had made earlier in life.


Although there is still ignorance towards vegans and vegetarians I believe that the myths and tired clichés are starting to decrease as people get educated. As a vegan living in London I find that the culture is much more widely respected compared to when I first became vegetarian in early 2009.


As a community we have more options especially in the cities and London. The fact that it is now easy to find genuine vegan options that are actually proper meals instead of constantly scrambling items together and hunting for niche vegan restaurants on apps such as happy cow. Now I no longer feel as awkward ordering vegan options as we are getting to the point where this movement is being taken seriously. The days of getting the allergy menu and putting off going out to eat with friends and family are fading away.


To conclude this post, now that veganism has become “mainstream” do we have to thank the rise of the internet and social media as an alternative platform and information source to educate people on different ways of thinking and the reality of the meat and dairy industry? If it wasn’t for social media and the ability to connect with others and share those avocados on toast pictures would so many of us be joining this ethical movement?


By the same token when the current social media platforms have disappeared or faded into the background of society will we see this community decline or adapt and expand further?


I guess time will only tell……


By XECO Clothing

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