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Decisions and keeping motivated

So sometimes the world can be hard place and starting your own business can be a release of creativity and endorphins but what happens when you start to hit walls.

Optimism is great and often gives you that extra drive to push towards doing something you love. Whether it's as a hobby, business or a new career. Like alot of people who feel bursts of optimism sometimes we can find it hard to maintain that same feeling, which drives our original decisions.

So how do we keep focused and motivated on our original task and keep our thoughts in perspective?

I started a business this year called XECO Clothing. This was something that I had been thinking about and researching for a few years. I wanted to create an ethical brand that could challenge standard streetwear and clothing brands on design, comfort, quality and ethics.

So in the time that I was researching I was also carrying out my day job and family responsibilities. I often hit moments of lower motivation and doubt. This is normal and can often cause people to give up on their ideas, even if they know deep down that they can have a crack at it.

Its easy to find reasons to delay starting a project as well as there being real life hurdles that we have to face. Life is not always straight forward and we have to accept that sometimes things take time and go wrong.

I think once you accept that there is never going to be a perfect time to start. Instead of not starting you start to work practically and not in an idealistic way you are already over a big hump.

However once you start and the original buzz dies down a little, the feeling of doubt and indecision can rear there head. It's important not to dwell on this too much if you can because this will only have a negative impact on you and your personal and business progress.

Make a decision and don't over think each chess move you make. This often can lead to procrastination and achieving little.

Sometimes it's good to meditate when your feeling stressed or anxious about your personal of business life. It can help you talk stuff through with yourself in silence and unravel some of the knots your brain has tied, which leads to your lack of functioning.

Always think of a soloution and not over think the problem, as dwelling on the problem will not find a soloution 99 times out of 100. Dwelling often makes the problem last longer or makes it worse. Action over inaction. Motivation over procrastination.

Work hard and make decisions that you feel are right! Don't let too many thoughts of others cloud your judgement and make you indecisive.

If your decision is 'wrong' learn from it and move forward practically, not recklessly.

Hope this blog helped you in some way!

XECO Clothing

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