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The beginning...

The idea behind the founding of XECO Clothing was thought of in early 2017 in London, UK. There was a two year research period of products, printing and suppliers as we wanted to do things right instead of just being another generic brand out there.
We represent an ever growing community who are ethically focussed as we believe that we as humans are becoming more and more socially and environmentally conscious and are looking for change.
We also aim to be accessible to more people and we try to keep our brand prices reasonable. Our products are a positive investment into our ethos, quality and design.
When you wear an XECO product you are not only representing a great product you are actively supporting change in the fashion industry. You are making a difference!
We only print or on Fairwear or Fairtrade products and the water based inks used in the screen printing process are eco and vegan friendly. We use organic cotton wherever possible or a mix of recycled materials to produce our clothing. This has a massive impact on the environment and the people that grow the raw materials for our clothing brand in regards to their health, financial situation and their environment.
Organic cotton also feels great on your skin as the fibres have not been damaged by harmful pesticides. So anybody who may have sensitive skin our products are a great choice for you!
We love the idea of a world which is more equal in opportunity, we also promote individualism and we want you to express and be yourself. We support fair wages for the people that manufacture our clothing. We are human and we need basic rights in the workplace and society this is why we use suppliers that are either Fairwear or Fairtrade certified.
I hope you enjoy our products and page content, 2019 is the year we launch so keep your eyes peeled for our first products.
Join the ethical movement!
XECO Clothing

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