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Starting an ethical brand

Stage 1

Decide on what your brand stands for.

Stage 2

Choose what you want to sell.

Stage 3

Research, Research and Research. Learn the process of what you want to achieve. Even if you outsource the manufacturing or are drop shipping its good to know how your products are made. Knowledge is power people. (use this new invention called the internet...)

Stage 4

Once you have tackled the above stages you should start to think about your brand name and image. Come up with some ideas and make some designs or hire somebody to design your logo.

Stage 5

Once you are set on your design and logo its a good idea to trademark this. Remember to check whether your name is being used in a similar field if it is your trademark may be rejected. You are also going to want to set up a limited company. Use your government website to see if you need to do this to run your business, you may be able to trade as a see trader depending on what your selling and different laws.

Stage 6

So you have decided on what you want your brand to stand for, what you want to sell and you have done some initial research. You have also decided on a company/brand name and have registered your trademark and business for the legal side.

So now i recommend doing some more research. Talk to product suppliers, printers and packaging companies. Get a feel for some of the costings involved. For me I wanted to fund my business from scratch and from a low budget so I needed to look at costings and products very carefully.

Stage 7

Decide on how you are going to fund your business. I decided early on that I wanted to be debt free and did not want to take out big loans to fund my business .

You can use your own money (which I did) and start small and build gradually or you can take out a loan which comes with interest.

You can also use drop shipping which is the cheapest and easiest way to start out.

Stage 8

So you have sorted out how you will fund your new business.

If you are a limited cmpany you will need to set up a business bank account. These are required so do this before you start purchasing, stock and supplies.

Stage 9

Ensure you do plenty of market research and keep any eye out for current styles and trends. Use social media to study your chosen demographic for your products.

Stage 10

Finalise your branding and designs and start getting some quotes.

Stage 11

Ensure you are using and are active on the main social media platforms these are vital places for branding, networking and selling.

Start creating relevant content regularly and start to build an audience made up of your products demographic. This will help yo to build a relationship with the public.

Stage 12

Order or make some prototypes before ordering the main batch. When you do order the main batch order sensibly.

Stage 13

Less is more. Focus on a main product to startbwith and then build around this.

Stage 14

Research postage and packaging options and prices.

Stage 15

Decide on which platform you will sell your products on.

Stage 16

Order stock and packaging and arrange an area for storing your physical stock.

Stage 17

Start marketing, branding and selling. Use photos, video and audio to promote your brand.

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