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Start & Continue Veganuary in 2020

Start & Continue Veganuary in 2020


So it's January once again, time for new year resolutions and positive lifestyle changes. One of the most popular changes this January will be Veganuary with the vegan movement gaining more popularity through education and successful online campaigns.

So is it time for you to make that positive change?

Veganuary is a really great way to start, its an excuse to make the leap of faith and just say I'm going to do it! 

There are so many health benefits not to mention the ethical reasons such as animal cruelty and the environmental impact of meat & dairy.


The X Cast Vegfest 2019

Thinking about trading at pop up markets, events or exhibitions? Read this...

Thinking about trading at pop up markets, events or exhibitions? Read this...

"We knew that sales were important but building brand was even more important. This was an opportunity to reach out to people from all over the country and in some cases from around the world."

Decisions and keeping motivated

"Sometimes it's good to meditate when your feeling stressed or anxious about your personal of business life. It can help you talk stuff through with yourself in silence and unravel some of the knots your brain has tied, which leads to"

Buying Sustainable

Buying sustainable products has really gained momentum over the past few years, especially with the rise of infomation at our fingertips daily.

Although we still have a long way to go our generation have really started to take climate change and the environment seriously and between us we are sending a powerful messege to the world's leaders that the status quo can no longer continue. We care and we are serious about this now!

The rise in buying eco conscious products, boycotting plastic and buying sustainable/second hand clothing is really showing the previous generations what we should have been doing...